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Felix Helix offers a bespoke catering service for corporate, civil and social events. Here are a few examples of our work and a list of some of our partners.

Polish Institute

The Polish Institute asked us to provide snacks and canapés for an exhibition opening in Budapest. Their special request was that the food should celebrate the colour orange while remaining within a quite tight budget. Here is the menu that we suggested:


  • Butternut squash roasted in a bacon jacket;
  • Paprika and red cheddar biscuits jewelled with poppy seed;
  • Smoked salmon spirals;
  • Roast carrots in a sheep’s cheese and garlic dressing served on black bread with basil leaf;
  • Polenta and orange biscuits;
  • Shortbread with orange curd and apricot.

Tom Lantos Institute

The Tom Lantos Institute approached us to provide a full catering service for one of their conferences. Here’s how it turned out.
We served 100% Arabica coffee, a selection of quality teas, homemade lemonade and mineral water at all breaks.
Coffee Break, 1

  • Smoothie;
  • Spanish Tortilla, flavoured with Porcini mushrooms, parsley and Spring onions;
  • Aubergine cream served on homemade bread;
  • Chocolate chip cookies;
  • Lemon sponge.

Coffee Break, 2

  • Quiche flavoured with smoked cheese, red onions and green herbs;
  • Walnut and blue cheese muffins;
  • Coffee cake;
  • Fruit cheesecake;
  • Fruit plate.

Coffee Break, 3

  • Smoothie
  • Smoked salmon and egg spirals;
  • Roast duck served on warm homemade brown bread with ruccola cream;
  • Homemade granola biscuits;
  • Pears poached in red wine served with cinamonny sour cream.


  • Leek and Potato soup
  • Rosemary, red wine and beef casserole served with buttery roast potatoes;
  • Morroccan vegetable stew served with jasmine rice garnished with toasted seeds;
  • Warm tabbouleh enlivened with poached salmon, lemon and coriander;
  • Salad of mixed green leaves;
  • Roast carrot salad served with feta cheese and basil;
  • Celeriac salad;
  • Ginger and pear crumble;
  • Cookies served with fresh fruit.

Some of our clients

Center for Public Policy, Praha
Centre for Advanced Study, Sofia
Center for Global Communication Studies
European Roma Rights Centre
Greendependent Egyesület
Habitat for Humanity Alapítvány
Harmadik Hang Kft.
Institut Polski Polish Institute
Internews Network, Rhode Island
Central European University
Magyar Francia Ifjúsági Alapítvány
MAZS Alapítvány
Mamaguru Kft.
Minddiák Szövetkezet
Open Society Institute
P.A.U. Education
Roma Education Fund
SÍN Nonprofit Kft.
Transparency International
University of Nordland, Norway
Washington State University